Wylie Bulldogs Ready for the Upcoming Season


Kyal Corbett, staff writer

After an exciting football season, basketball season is back, and the Wylie Bulldogs are ready to make their mark on the court. A new group of varsity players will help make this year new and exciting.

Last season, the Bulldogs played well, making the playoffs before eventually falling in the first round. After the game, the team was faced with a looming problem: a staggering 8 out of 14 varsity players were leaving Wylie. Despite this, the Bulldogs came back and worked hard during the off-season to prepare for the future. Now they’re back with a younger, more athletic group that is excited to step up and make their school proud.

There are 6 returners from last year’s squad on this year’s team : Shayden Payne, Payton Brooks, Deandre Boone, Walker Piland, Stran Blair, and Connor Ruffin. The remaining 9 spots are filled up by 6 juniors and 3 sophomores: Reed Hughes, Luke Powell, Noah Phillips, Jahzair George, Colby Tanner, Reagan Fuleneider, Avery Brekke, Dante Cano, and Dylan Jennings.

The new-look Bulldogs have multiple weapons. Their size and athleticism in the post makes it difficult for opposing teams to drive to the hoop and rebound. The Dawgs are also a talented perimeter defensive team; they have many athletic guards that can make plays on the ball. The team also has yet another threat, this one on offense: the 3-point shot. In the first game of the season, Payton Brooks alone hit 8 3-pointers. With So many weapons, the Bulldogs are looking to dominate on the court this season.

Photo of Payton Brooks is courtesy of Wylie sports.