Little-known Clubs, Big Opportunities


Mychele DeLauney, Staff writer

Students who are looking for a way to make their college resumes pop or even just searching for a fun way to spend their free time should really consider joining a club. There are several amazing clubs to be apart of around Wylie High School; some you may not even be familiar with. Chess Club, recently founded by David DePrang, was started up just this year. This club is purely recreational and focuses on enjoying the game. Along with playing chess, they also dabble with solving puzzles and inform members of chess tournaments that individuals can partake in if they wish.

 Even if you don’t know how to play chess, feel free to show up to any of the meets in Mrs. Smith’s room right after school every Thursday and learn a new skill. If board games don’t fit your fancy, then perhaps virtual games will pique your interest. The E Sports Club would be a great match for those who have a love for video games and want to be apart of a group of people who enjoy the same thing. By joining, you can play with other schoolmates online and maybe even meet a few new people. Another great club to consider joining would be Wylie’s very own Spanish Club. Although the date to sign up for Spanish Club has passed, you can still sign up in Mrs. Taylor’s room, you just won’t receive a club shirt. Spanish Club is a great way to enrich yourself with the knowledge of a different culture and have fun doing it. The club’s activities range from Spanish movie nights to field trips all the way to Dallas.

(Photo of Spanish Club movie night above courtesy of Amy Totoe)

All these clubs could definitely help you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Whether its a cure for boredom, a little extra something to add to a resume, or even just a thirst for learning new things. Don’t pass up the big opportunities that these clubs hold in store; immerse yourself in the activities that bring the good times and new experiences you’re looking for.