Social Media

Mattie Smith, Staff Writer

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According to, there are currently 2.62 billion social media users. With this huge number comes differing ages, mindsets, and opinions. While social media applications can have negative ramifications, they are ultimately a positive aspect of our current society.

Older generations may think more negatively of social media than Millenials and Gen-Z kids; however, we shouldn’t be expected to not take advantage of the 21st century’s current technology. Every era has come with new inventions and advancements. It would be illogical for our society to stay stuck in one place, not utilizing the advancements made. Social media sites are relatively new and come with their fair share of issues. Though, these sites have noble intentions. Old friends can stay in touch, families can stay updated on each other’s lives, and people are able to communicate with others they otherwise would never be in contact with.

Unfortunately, some choose to use social media in other, less than noble ways. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were not intended to be a platform for hateful people. However, problems such as cyber bullying are difficult to completely do away. There will always be those who misuse the sites that have been developed for entertainment and enjoyment. Yes, wrong information can spread just as quickly as correct information, but it’s important that we focus on the beneficial aspects of social media.

One thing social media offers that news sites don’t is the ability to filter through what you see. On most apps, individuals can choose who to follow and what shows up on their feed. A common argument against social media is that it is just a comparison game that causes jealousy. The great thing is, if someone feels bad when looking at another profile, he or she can choose not to look at it anymore. It can be difficult to detach, but really the solution is simple.

News, models, comparisons, memes, misinformation, Nana’s cruise pictures. Social media comes with all of these and more. An ever-evolving society will never be perfect, but it’s a personal choice to focus on either the negatives or the positives. The advancements made in the technological realm can be difficult to navigate, but overall social media is a well-meaning, positive aspect of our world.