Student Spotlight: Jay Molock

Anna Claire Boone, Staff Writer

Jesse Molock, or “Jay” as he is widely known as, is a junior at Wylie High School. His passion and talent for music has sparked interest from the rest of the school, but before the retweets and viral videos, he was just a boy from a military family pursuing his love for music. 

Jay was born in France in 2002 but only lived there for four years before moving to Germany. After moving through a few cities, he landed in Kaiserslauten where he discovered his affinity for the piano and began to fall in love with music. He and his friend discovered breakdancing as well during his time in Kaiserslauten, and they practiced constantly and began performing for talent shows (and winning!) and newspaper stories. His focus shifted from music towards basketball for about a year before moving to Abilene in 2016. 

Upon moving to Texas, Jay’s flame for music was reignited by rapper and musician Lucas Coly. Coly’s story parallels Jay’s closely – a July-born boy from France with an artistic mind who moved to America at a young age – and inspired Jay to revisit his musical side. Jay started posting videos of himself singing onto Snapchat, and his classmates were quick to spread these videos to Twitter and Instagram. It got around to Coly, and he recognized Jay on his own personal Instagram story. 

Jay plans to continue his pursuit of music in the future. Attached is a video so that you can see for yourself the talent that’s here in our own school!