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Emma Groves, Staff Writer

After weeks of preparation, the Wylie art students will be competing in a long-awaited art competition this Saturday. VASE provides students with an opportunity to not only display their skills to judges, but they can even win prizes and go on to compete in more advanced levels of the competition.

VASE is designed to suit any type of artistic talents a student may possess. From watercolor to detailed pencil work, VASE is set up to show off every facet of an artist’s ability. It begins on a regional level and slowly progresses into the glorified Gold Seal artworks. VASE is highly competitive and judges are picky in their criteria based off of forms a student fills out when signing up for the competition that exhibits the very purpose of a student’s piece.

The art students will begin their interviews in the wee hours of this Saturday at 7:30 am. With weary eyes but hopefully clear heads, the students will compete to earn scores on a 1 to 4 scale with 4 being the best. With chances of winning and dreams of an artistic career, these students will strive for the success they’ve been working so diligently¬†for over the past month.

With Saturday drawing near, the anticipation and anxiety rises but so does the excitement and fun. Mrs. Camp, the new art teacher, and Mrs. Hughes hope to bring back stories of success and prizes accompanied by the pride in their students that naturally comes with it. The school sends its best wishes to the students in their competition this weekend.