Wylie Soccer Rising To The Challenge


Photo courtesy of Marianna Deynzer

Melia Messer, Staff Writer

With a new coach, a new district, and many of last year’s captains gone, pressure on Wylie soccer teams has never been higher. This year’s boys’ and girls’ soccer teams have done their best to exceed expectations. With both varsity teams doing well, they have done just that.

    The Lady Bulldogs’ starting left back Marianna Deynzer says that this season is looking “very promising,” even though going into this season people were “very hesitant because we had a lot of new factors coming into this season.” But she also believes that “over the past couple of weeks we have proven not only to ourselves but to other people who are looking in on our team that we can definitely handle the competition that 5A has to offer.” Deynzer goes on to talk about how they are “coming together as a team” and are at a bit of a disadvantage because last year “most of our starters were all seniors.” Although they had to make some adjustments, Deynzer may be able to speak for the entire team when she says she is “excited for the rest of the season.”

      Victor Charo, the varsity boys keeper, is also very enthusiastic about this season. Victor says that they have “great chemistry” and although moving to 5A has been hard for them, they “have been playing some really great teams and have been able to keep up with them.” Charo thinks that one of the boys’ biggest issues is that they are “getting their head up in the clouds when Wylie is winning thus causing us to make mistakes. I think that as long as we stay focused and just play our game, we should do well.”

      As the soccer teams goes into playoff qualifying matches, they will play teams that are increasingly competitive. As they do, they will continue to rise to the challenge and prove not only to Wylie but also to the rest of 5A that they can keep up and be competitive in a new district.