Bulldog Productions


Courtesy of http://fbw.church/volunteer/opp-detail/331095/technicalmedia-ministry/

Emma Groves, Staff Writer

Behind the scenes of many monumental moments of Wylie, lies a small group of people that capture such occasions: the Bulldog Productions. This class is made up of a collective group of students across all grade classification. It is through these students that Wylie is able to capture productions such as Mary Poppins and Dearly Departed. Not only do these students record theater productions but choir concerts and band concerts as well.

“No one really knows, but we manage all the recording, both visual and audio, when it comes to any musicals or concerts that the school puts on,” states Kole Trumble, a member of Bulldog Productions.

However, the Bulldog Productions does not just record musicals and concerts. They also oversee the scoreboard for major football events and film live action recordings of the football players to show as replays on the screen. At times, they will even pan the audience to picture the crowd on the scoreboard.

“A lot of effort and planning goes into our recordings,” Trumble states. “We even have a class period in our schedule in order to have plenty of time to plan logistics and ways we can use our cameras efficiently.”

With a growing district and sports teams, such a group like the Bulldog Productions is necessary to accompany the growth of the school. Without such a group, the things we take for granted so often, like the scoreboard, would no longer be available to us, so the next time you look at the scoreboard or see a live stream concert, think of the hard work and talent that went into it: the Bulldog Productions.

Courtesy of Kole Trumble.