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The New Class: Creative Writing

Dominique Douglas, Staff Writer

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The new class, creative writing, is very popular among student authors. Mrs. Hunt is the teacher who started it.

Creative writing is exactly what it sounds like, a class where you write. Right now, the students in the class are writing poetry. Once a week, they will turn in a poem, and Mrs. Hunt will select a few for students to workshop. That means they will analyze the poems to make them better and to make each other better writers.

Mrs. Hunt stated, “I started the class in effort to give students an outlet to write as a form of art and personal expression. As an English teacher, I realize that most of the writing required of students is geared toward research analysis or STAAR essay format. Unfortunately, this leaves little time for an entire genre of writing that is valuable. Writing poetry or short stories can empower students to create something that is only theirs, to make big choices in their writing, and connect with each others as humans by empathizing with each other’s emotions. I wanted to create that opportunity for students.”

Creative writing was created to make students better writers and to give them a fun experience. Students will be reading many literary works to “sharpen [their] craft.” Mrs. Hunt’s goal for the class is to publish an annual magazine that features student writing and artwork.

The class is well-received and continues to challenge students’ writing skills.

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The New Class: Creative Writing