Foreign Exchange at Wylie



Emma Groves, Staff Writer

As you may know, Wylie offers the opportunity to foreign students to come to the high school. What you may not know is what that exactly consists of.

Wylie High School allows five foreign exchange students in the High School at a time. Registration opens on March 1st every year. According to Mrs. Sandifer, “Wylie is contacted by different foreign exchange programs with students registered with them, and they’ll want to know if Wylie has any positions available for their students.”

Wylie then looks into the students and then determines whether or not to accept them. Acceptance is primarily based on whether or not the students have host homes available to them within the Wylie district.

Wylie does not have a specific program for students at Wylie wanting to be a foreign exchange student or a program for families to apply to be a host family for incoming foreign students. Mrs. Sandifer said, “Being a foreign exchange student is up to the student because once you leave our school, we don’t have really any involvement in that.” She also says that being a foreign exchange student may be hard as “our curriculum does not always align with theirs”.

Foreign exchange students come from all around the world, but Wylie and the Wylie community hopes to welcome them with open arms and many opportunities for the future.