Culinary Arts Recently Added Elective

Aileigh Wooten, staff writer

A recently added elective, culinary, has grown to be quite popular. Culinary consists of baking, but also you learn about food and safety measures in the kitchen. You learn how to make pancakes to making eggs and even Christmas cookies with royal icing. You get graded not just on how well you cook, but how you clean up, participation, how well you work together, as well as how well you perform and follow the steps. These show your cook/teacher how well you can follow and learn to make a dish/treat as well as show if you can work well with others and be mature enough in the kitchen for more difficult tasks such as cutting with a knife or doing a delicate task without using childish behavior. Overall, this elective is a great class for those who want to be a chef or are just interested and want to learn more about this occupation. It would also be great for someone who just wants to learn the basics and more about cooking.
Culinary Arts, I highly recommend taking a step in this direction; starting with Intro To Culinary Arts and then if they enjoy it, continuing with the course throughout your high school years. I do feel inclined to tell you that you can’t begin your culinary journey until your sophomore year. Either way, I deeply advocate that you try this course out if the type of job-related course interests you.